RCI Dress Code - What to Wear


Daytime Attire on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Royal_Flowrider2During the day on a Royal Caribbean Cruise, casual attire is the style of the day, including, shorts, sundresses, tank tops, etc. for the ladies, and for men; shorts, polo shirts, T-shirts, etc. will do. Rubber-soled, low heeled or flat shoes are recommended while onboard. The use of any footwear with wheels is prohibited onboard all Royal Caribbean ships – leave the Heelys© shoes and rollerblades at home! If you are travelling on a Royal Caribbean Freedom or Voyager class ship and plan on doing some skating, socks and long pants are mandatory.

Evening Attire on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Royal_Dining_FamilyRoyal Caribbean features three different types of dress codes in the evening, although two of the three seem to overlap: Casual, Smart Casual and Formal. Most evenings the dress code remains Casual or Smart Casual. For the main dining room, gentlemen will feel most comfortable in casual slacks (Dockers, khaki's) – you could get away with a nice pair of jeans, however. Wearing a pair of nice shorts (pressed, longer in length) is not entirely inappropriate with proper footwear; however, you are likely to be in the minority. A polo / sports shirt or a button-down shirt is appropriate. For the ladies, casual dresses, casual skirts or pants and blouses, summer dresses, Capri pants, dress shorts and tasteful jeans (no rips, cut-offs, acid washed, etc.) are all appropriate. Smart Casual is defined as ties and jackets for men, pantsuits or dresses for women. The interpretation of these two styles appears blurred most evenings.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Formal Nights / Cruise Elegant Nights

Depending on the length of the cruise on Royal Caribbean, one, two or more nights will be a Cruise Elegant. Formal nights officially suggest tuxedoes or suits and ties for the men and cocktail or evening gowns for women. While you will see the occasional tuxedo, you will more likely see a sport coat, dress shirt and dress slacks, or, a business suit (with and without neckties) on the gentlemen. For the ladies, appropriate cocktail attire, elegant skirts, pantsuits and blouses will typically be favored over evening gowns. Contrary to what you may have heard, most people still dress up for formal nights if they are eating in the main dining rooms.

Don't Feel Like Dressing-Up On Cruise Elegant Nights?

If your idea of a formal night is a new pair of flip-flops, head to the Lido Restaurant (the buffet on the Lido Deck – typically near the pool towards the rear of the ship) on Cruise Elegant nights on Royal Caribbean. The dress code in the Lido Restaurant is always relaxed – shorts and t-shirts are acceptable at any time. Shirts and shoes/footwear (flip-flops are OK) must be worn at all times inside the Lido Restaurant, however.

Attire For Dining at the Royal Caribbean Cruises Alternative Dining Restaurant (Supper Club, Steakhouse, etc.)

Royal_dining_couple2The reservations-required supper club dining restaurants / steakhouses onboard select Royal Caribbean ships follows the same dress code as the main dining rooms as Formal Nights. People will normally treat the night they dine out at the steakhouse as a special night and you are more likely to see more sport coats and business suits on the men, and, cocktail dresses on the ladies dining in the steakhouse. Men are officially requested to wear a sports coat.