Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Welcome to our blog

Feel free to make suggestions....this is OUR blog, not mine alone :)


  1. WOW Sarah Lee, what a good job! Do you bake too :)? This will increase the joy of anticipation for this cruise! Thanks, Judy

  2. LOL, thanks Judy....but realize I have just begun. Just ask Don (cdnmr), he was on my last cruise. I don't even think he knows yet that I'm on this cruise as he's been offline since I booked. I'm a bit of a travel freak - my husband thinks I'm nuts. I did a series of "Spotlights" on each port highlighting areas of interest on my last RC blog, releasing a new one daily. I didn't think many people were looking at them until one day one of the posts didn't release. I had a RC'ers asking where the daily dose was. I really do it more for myself so I have everything in one spot. Since I research EVERYTHING, I might as well put what I find here for others. So, stay tuned....I have only just begun :)

  3. Oh, and regarding the baking thing....I used to, when I didn't work. No time now. I can do this stuff WHILE I work.