Monday, 29 July 2013

Spotlight San Juan - Coach Outlet

Coach Outlet
**Trolley Stop # 9 - walk one block west, north on Calle Cristo**

Several different types of handbags and accessories can be found at the Coach outlet. This location can be found up the street from the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet Store.

    Contact Information

  • Address: 158 Calle Cristo, San Juan, 00901 | Map It
  • Phone: 787/722-6830
  • Location:San Juan


  1. Anyone know what time they are open until... unfortunately by the time we get to Port alot of the things may be closed :( I know the Bacardi factory has it's last tour at 4:30, and that's when we dock... I'm a little upset about that too.. but hoping I can get at least some shopping in.. otherwise, what to do :(

  2. I just googled....looks like stores are open until 5-6pm which sucks as it doesn't give us a whole bunch of time if you want to shop. Re: the Barcardi factory - don't be too upset. I know someone who did the tour and he was very disappointed

    "While they gave you two (small) samples they refused to let you into the actual factory and instead showed you around a glorified museum. Definitely don't think this was worth our time." ~JetBlue

  3. Yeah, I heard it wasn't great either, but I'm searching for something to do... I don't understand why we even stop in Puerto Rico on a Sunday at such a late hour... what is really going to be open?? I am curious why RC even bothers paying the port fees to go there...

  4. There's a pile of great places to eat....but really, I think that will be it. I'm really hoping we arrive early enough that some things will still be open. I just like walking around Old San Juan - so neat.

  5. I can't justify going to eat... after eating on board for 2 days, I'd rather not pay to stuff my face LOL Oh well we'll see... I wonder if RC just goes to San Juan to drop off supplies for their cruises leaving from there since it's way cheaper to get them from the US and even cheaper from NY than any Floridian port... Are we being used?? LOL