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Spotlight St. Thomas - Magic Ice

Magic Ice Photo GalleryIn beautiful downtown Charlotte Amalie, 1.5 to 2 miles from Havensight and Crown Bay, you will find the new and spectacular Scandinavia-inspired attraction Magic Ice where you can explore incredibly varied and intricate forms created from snow and ice. This is a sub-zero experience!

Visitors will arrive at the entrance of the Magic Ice Gallery facing the waterfront on Veterans Drive. The building is across the alley from Pizza Hut and fills a space between its storefront and its Main Street exit.

Magic Ice Photo GalleryWhen you first enter, you are given a warm parka, gloves and footwear to insulate you from the tooth-chattering 33-degree air. As you wander through, you are surrounded by dozens of intricately-carved ice sculptures with both Caribbean and Scandinavian themes. At any given time you'll see lighthouses, reindeer, pirate ships, local West Indian ladies, turtles, and iguanas lit in dazzling shades of blue, green, purple, and red. About three times a year a few new sculptures are added and old ones retired, so there is a constantly-changing array of displays. Ice artists from all over the world labor for months to create each of the jaw-dropping designs, which are made from ice imported from the Arctic.

Magic Ice Photo GalleryThe centerpiece of the gallery is a 40-foot bar in the shape of a shipwreck, made entirely of ice. Here you can sip rum drinks and other cool concoctions (one drink is included in the price of admission). Another focal point of the gallery is the ice slide, which is tailor-made for the under-12 visitors to shimmy down. When you've had enough, leave the sub-zero chamber and browse the gift shop, where you can opt to buy Magic Ice t-shirts, shot glasses and other souvenirs. (One cocktail glass is included in the price of admission.)

The "hidden" appeal of Magic Ice becomes apparent only after you emerge from the chill. Once you begin to wilt in the oppressive Caribbean heat, you'll wish you could go back in for another hour or two!

If you're coming to St. Thomas on a cruise ship, ask the excursion coordinator about trips to Magic Ice. Most major cruise lines have the gallery on their roster of pre-arranged excursions. You can also go there on your own. It's not hard to find: just take a taxi (or walk) to the Charlotte Amalie waterfront, and you'll see it facing the harbor, between Pizza Hut and International Plaza.

I emailed Magic Ice for the cost of admission as I couldn't find prices anywhere online other than over inflated cruise pricing from other cruiselines.   Here is the response I received:

Admission is $20 for adults and $10 for kids. Everyone receives warm 
gear to enter the gallery including a winter poncho, insulated 
leg-warmers, and a pair of gloves. Adults also receive a shot of rum at 
the ice bar, and a frosted Magic Ice shot glass to take home as a 

There is no time limit once inside the gallery and we do allow you to 
take pictures inside. I would recommend that you wear closed-toe shoes 
when visiting the gallery as we do not provide any coverings for your 

I hope this was helpful.

Cassandra Benjamin
Magic Ice St. Thomas

This HALF of what RCI charges as an excursion.  Although, transportation would be included if booked through a cruiseline.

On the Waterfront
21 Dronningens Gade
Tel 340-422-6000 /

Opening Hours - Year Round
Monday-Sunday 10am - 5pm
(Fridays open till 8pm)

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