Monday, 30 September 2013

Spotlight Samana - Playa Cayacoa

Playa Cayacoa is the beach at the Grand Bahía Principe Cayacoa, and day visitors can enjoy the sands if they buy a $60 day-pass at the resort. Though crowded with guests, the beach offers great views of the bay, plenty of drinks and lunch options, chaises, nonmotorized water sports, and the best strand on the south side of the peninsula. Amenities are available if you partake of the resort's facilities. Amenities: food and drink; parking; toilets; water sports. Best for: partiers; swimming; walking; snorkeling.

**PLEASE NOTE - THIS MAY BE A PUBLIC BEACH - as stated on Samana's website "Cayacoa Beach is the main public beach in Samana shared with the Hotel Bahia Principe Cayacoa, only a few minutes walk from Downtown"

The above wording leads one to believe it is a private beach, although I cannot seem to find confirmation of this anywhere.  So, you may actually be able to wander over and enjoy the beach without buying a day pass.

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