Sunday, 6 October 2013

Spotlight Labadee - Neighborhoods and Tram Service

Overview of the Neighborhoods of Labadee

Labadee is fairly easy to navigate, but it helps to know what to expect before you arrive.  Your ship will dock at the pier, so getting on and off Labadee is quite simple.
Once on shore, you will find Labadee broken up into a few different areas.
  • Dragon's Plaza
    • This is where you enter/leave Labadee from the dock and is named after Dragon's Breath, a rocky cove near the ocean that sounds like a dragon when the ocean hits the rocks.
  • Buccaneer's Bay
    • This where you go to embark on most acquatic excursions, such as jet skiing, parasailing and more.  You can also book excursions here.
  • Barefoot Beach Club
    • Private beach for suite guests that features cabanas for rent.
  • Town Square
    • Many of the restaurants, bars and other facilities are found in this area.
  • Adrenaline Beach
    • Beach located underneath the zipline and in front of the roller coaster.  
  • Columbus Cove
    • Beach area that has water toys, such as the floating mat and aqua park
Getting around by Tram
Columbus Cove Tram

Royal Caribbean operates a tram for cruisers that will take you around Labadee with ease.  The tram starts at Dragons Plaza and stops at Barefoot, Town Square and Columbus cove before it turns around and heads back to Dragons Plaza.

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