Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Spotlight Samana - Tour Samana with Terry

A Word From Terry: 

"Samana is one of the most beautiful areas that you can imagine, filled with wonderful people and tons of adventure.  To enjoy it though, you must have a plan, especially if you are a cruise ship guest.  When I accidentally started this business in Jan. 2008 I was just trying to send some cruise ship day business past my little restaurant in town.  When I went online to see what I could do to accomplish that, I was blown away by all the negative comments about my new home.  I felt bad that people didn't enjoy their visit.  So I started to defend the Samana Peninsula with the disgruntled, past, visitors and set out with a mission to help better prepare future visitors so that they would enjoy all the things that I enjoy everyday while I live here.  It turns out that I was pretty convincing.  I went on to various travel forums, especially TripAdvisor.com and tried my best to help whoever I could.  People started to ask me if I could just meet them somewhere and take them to see all the things that I loved about living here.  That's just what I did and that's just what I continue to do."

Tour Samana with Terry  is one of the most talked about and trusted companies named on Cruise Critic.  He offers a variety of tours with pick up right at the cruise tender docks.  From beach excursions to zipline and ATV adventures, there will be sure to be an excursion to fit your needs...and your budget!

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