Monday, 16 September 2013

Spotlight Samana - Cayenas del Mar Beach Club (Playa Anadel)

Day Pass:
If you are the independent type and you are looking for a beautiful beach, cool music and good food but you want to decide what and when you eat.Then this is the option for you !Come to Cayenas del Mar Beach Club and be your own boss. We will provide the transportation, the beach chair and two (2) drink tickets per person (water, soda, Cuba Libre or Presidente Beer) you decide the rest! 
Adult - $18.00  Child 6-12 - $10.00  Under 5yrs - FREE
Book online:  Cayenas del Mar Day Pass
All-Inclusive Beach Day:
Enjoy a fantastic day at your very own private getaway with a beautiful beach, private pier, bars, restaurant and more…. We will bring you to Cayenas del Mar Beach Club with our New Motor Boat Catamaran where you can swim, relax, dance, snorkel or enjoy however you like it most! And at your leisure, delight yourself with a fabulous lunch buffet including a variety of local and international dishes. THIS TOUR INCLUDE'S : Boat Transportation, one Beach Chair per person, two (2) Drinks Tickets (Water, Sodas, Cuba Libre or Presidente Beer) per person, Snorkel & Mask for 30 minutes and delicious Lunch Buffet.
Adult - $30.00  Child 6-12 - $18.00  Under 5yrs - FREE
Book online:  Cayenas del Mar Beach Day

As I was a bit confused as on their website, they have a transportation cost, I emailed them to clarify. Below is the email I sent and their response:

Hi there,
We will be coming to Samana in November.
I see online you have 3 different packages:
Beach Day (All Inclusive)
Day Pass
Boat Transportation
I'm a little confused about the different options.  If we want to do the Day Pass or the Beach Day - is transportation to and from the cruise ship pier included?  Or do we add on the boat transportation as well?  It says online that it includes transportation but then why is there a Boat Transportation option.  Confused.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Good Morning Sarah,
Thank you for your interest in Cayenas del Mar and our tours! My apologies for the delay in responding as I was having problems with my email account.
Transportation is included in the price for both tours. The difference between the Day Pass and the Beach Day is the lunch and the snorkeling. We are no longer doing transportation by boat due to security issues --- we now do it by land. Either way, we are 5 minutes form the tender pier.
If you have any other questions, I will be happy to clarify. Please let me know which tour your would prefer so that we can send a confirmation.
We would be delighted to have you at Cayenas del Mar!
Thanks and have a great day!

Mitiel Peguero

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