Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Spotlight Samana - Le Royal Snack Bar & Restaurant *WIFI*

"This new restaurant is unlike most of the local cafes and restaurants that serve Dominican food with the basic rice, beans and chicken spiced with salt. For those of us who like more flavour than salt, Le Royal Snack Bar & Restaurant is the place to go in Samana. I had the Royal Pollo with a white sauce. It awakened my poor weary tastebuds and I just couldn't get enough! They serve breakfast pastries, sandwiches and rotisserie chicken, and hamburgers and more. The owners and staff are so very pleasant and friendly. Le Royal Snack is located between the Caribbe Tours Bus Station and the Orange (internet/cell phone) office. Also, it's right across from Samana Bay so the views are good. Very reasonablly priced with good portions." ~From Trip Advisor~

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