Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spotlight St. Thomas - Coral World Ocean Park

This interactive aquarium and water-sports center lets you experience a variety of sea life and other animals. There are several outdoor pools where you can pet baby sharks, feed stingrays, touch starfish, and view endangered sea turtles. During the Sea Trek Helmet Dive, you walk along an underwater trail wearing a helmet that provides a continuous supply of air. You can try "snuba," a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. Swim with a sea lion and have a chance at playing ball or getting a big, wet, whistered kiss. You can also buy a cup of nectar and let the cheerful lorikeets perch on your hand and drink. The park also has an offshore underwater observatory, an 80,000-gallon coral reef exhibit (one of the largest in the world), and a nature trail with native ducks and tortoises. Daily feedings take place at most exhibits.

    Contact Information

  • Address: Coki Point north of Rte. 38, Estate Frydendal, St. Thomas, 00802
  • Phone: 340/775-1555
  • Cost: $19, Sea Lion Swim $105, Sea Lion Encounter $65, Sea Trek $58, Snuba $52, Shark and Turtle Encounters $32, Nautilus $20
  • Hours: Daily 9--4. Off-season (May--Oct.) hrs may vary, so call to confirm.

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  1. That is Coki Beach you see there in the picture. Amazing snorkling right off the beach.

    It also seems that I've read somewhere if you go to Coral World and rent equipment from them they will pay for your cab fare from the ship.

    Thank for all the work you are putting into this Sarah.