Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Spotlight St. Thomas - Vendor's Plaza

Vendor's Plaza

In Charlotte Amalie there is an area called Vendors Plaza where vendors set up small booths, tables and tents from which they sell an assortment of souvenirs. Vendors Plaza is located across from the Emancipation Park and Fort Christian. There you will find silver jewelry, t-shirts, tropical print wrap skirts, shirts and dresses, imitation bags and watches, trinkets and more. There is also hair braiding, a photo op with a donkey, a coconut-for-sale stand, local food vendors and ice-cream stand.
Vendors Plaza is generally open Monday through Saturday from about 7:30am, when the vendors start setting up, until 5:00pm when they start packing up for the day. On Sundays, only a few vendors set up but this generally depends on the number of ships in port; more ships usually means more vendors.
Across the street from Vendors Plaza is a Co-op store that sells locally made crafts and goodies.

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